Voice Over Demo

A quick voiceover demo highlighting how ridiculous I find Los Angeles televised news promos.

Spoken Audio Cleanup – Before and After

I recently worked with Los Angeles-based self help expert Tamra Oviatt of Sacred Activations to clean up and mix some of her older self-help audio files.  Some had been recorded via Skype, some had been recorded in a very “live” room that effected the overall tone of her voice, and some were recorded with a mic that picked up every stray “mouth sound” she made while recording.

Mouth sounds happen to everyone, but I found that they interfered with the relaxing quality of Tamra’s recordings.  They took the focus off of her message.

Tasks I completed on her audio files:

  • Eliminated 60 Hz electrical noise
  • Edited out louder mouth sounds that interfered with relaxation
  • Edited out Skype glitches and freezes
  • Edited out as many instances of the word “Um”, especially when they interfered with the flow of her messages
  •  Utilized noise reduction and elimination algorithms to reduce background noise.
  • EQ-ed and Gated the edited recordings, creating more consistent levels and taking any unintended harshness out of her voice.

“Rock” podcast theme for the Soda Fountain Podcast

A theme can quickly add an identity to a podcast, letting the listener know what to expect.  The Soda Fountain Podcast was a short-lived podcast I did several years ago with my friend Craig, where we would tell amusingly embellished stories every week.  The podcast had a “raw” attitude to it, so I created this brief theme for it.

Music Production (pop punk)- before and after

Here is a recent song I worked on for Seattle band Bring Back Brenda, a pop-punk rocker with catchy harmonies.  Tasks I completed on this one:

  • Applied pitch correction to main and harmony vocals
  • Recorded new drum track
  • EQ-ed and mixed tracks