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I’m an “Audio Doctor” with over ten years professional experience making audio sound it’s best and making content “flow” smoothly through judicious editing.  I’ve edited and mixed podcasts, online training modules, and reality television shows.
If you’ve ever heard a noisy webinar or podcast that didn’t have a consistent volume throughout, you’ve heard a recording that needed my expertise.  If poor sound quality has ever distracted you from content,
It is easy to record a lesson or podcast.  But making a recording sound professional is a skill set that I’ve developed over years of working with audio.
Some of the services I provide:
  • Quick consultations on how to obtain the best source audio.  How to set yourself up to record the best sounding audio in the first place. Most presenters focus entirely on the content and the presentation of ideas without thinking about how to properly record their presentations for future listening or viewing, resulting in audio that is difficult or painful to listen to.  Although a lot can be done “in post production” to clean up a messy signal, everything sounds much better when the original recording is made with care and sounds good.
  • Minimize background noise on a recording.  Background noise cannot be eliminated completely, but through proper use of audio processing tools at my disposal I can make a noisy audio file a lot easier to listen to.
  • Make your audio sound great on any playback device.  Car stereos, laptops, iPhones and iPads…they all have unique limitations with audio playback.  If your presentations and recordings aren’t mixed properly they can be difficult, or downright painful, to listen to on some devices.  It’s called “listener fatigue” and happens when certain frequencies are over-present in a recording (among other things).  If you don’t want your listeners to turn your recording off in the middle of your message you need to eliminate listener fatigue.
  • Normalize your audio so that the volume is stable and consistent.  If you’ve ever turned off a podcast because you have to keep one hand on the volume knob, turning it up and down because it is at times too quiet and then too loud, you know how unpleasant that experience is.  Listening to quality content should require no work on the listener’s part.
  • Voice-over services.  Some people have amazing ideas but find their recorded voice isn’t “right” for expressing them.  I am at home behind the microphone and will give your presentations or online training a comfortable and professional voice.  I will read your script with a cadence and inflection that will keep your listeners attentive and focused.